Talanoa AI is a conversational agent trained to consult and engage with Pasifika communities. Tala is trained to speak a range of languages and reflect the importance of face-to-face communication.

If you would like to chat with Tala in preferred language, just click on the button on the bottom of your screen.

Underpinned by natural language processing, Tala is learning continuously, and we would really appreciate your support in helping us improve its knowledge - just by chatting! As this is a pilot project and not formal consultation, please don't provide any confidential or sensitive information. You will be asked for your name, but please be aware you don't need to personally identify yourself if you don't want to.

Special thanks to Luke Fitzpatrick, AI Research and Development Intern, and to Callaghan Innovation for partnering with us on the project to bring Tala to life.

For more information on Beca's AI engagement and consultation services, please visit beca.ai. To read our terms and conditions and privacy policy please click here.